Acupuncture works by accessing Qi, which is defined as energy or “life force”. Qi moves through our bodies in a network called meridians pathways.  The smooth flow of this energy has a profound effect on the physiological function and health of the body. When the flow of Qi is unimpeded, the body is in good health and the emotions are in balance. Poor diet, too much or too little exercise, emotional distress and injury can cause a disruption in the flow of Qi in the body.  With acupuncture, Qi disruptions are corrected by inserting fine needles into specific points along these energetic pathways. In doing so, the practitioner is able to regulate the flow of Qi through the body, perhaps building the Qi when there is too little, or moving the Qi when there is a blockage, essentially restoring normal energy flow and stimulating the body’s own healing response.  Acupuncture can help to break a pattern of disharmony which manifests as physical or emotional “dis-ease”, and direct the body to a more healthy and balanced state.