“My first visit to Amy was to due to pain issues related to an illness.   Not only did acupuncture help with my pain, but many of my other illness-related symptoms improved including fatigue.  The new found energy allowed me to engage in my life again!  What I like most about Amy is her nonjudgemental approach.  Although she offers ancient holistic medical traditions, she respects the  Western medicines and treatments that I choose to use in correlation with the acupuncture.  Amy's high level of professionalism, expertise and caring demeanor are why I recommend her.

D.S.   Gloucester, MA

“I saw Amy for the first time during a stressful medical problem. Her expertise, gentle manner, and explanation of acupuncture put me at ease and  allowed healing for me on a physical and emotional level.  The acupuncture helped with my anxiety and the pain I was experiencing.  I use it now as a tool to stay healthy with regular visits.”    

M.M.  Beverly, MA

“I began acupuncture treatment as a way to relieve chronic back pain after an accident, but I soon realized that the healing was useful on many levels, both for mind and body. Amy's holistic approach has provided me with physical healing and overall balance that have been helpful on an ongoing basis, long after my back pain was eliminated.”    

K.T.  Ipswich, MA

“Amy Jao is a thoroughly professional acupuncturist. At Atlantic Wellness Center she has created an oasis for optimal acupuncture care. For me, acupuncture is calming and energizing, bringing together the perfect balance for deep healing and pain relief. During our sessions, Amy is absolutely attentive to my needs in all areas; mind, body and spirit. With acupuncture, I often feel as if I am receiving a deep tissue massage from the inside-out. I am extremely grateful for Amy’s ability to listen to what my body is saying. Her acupuncture program has been a truly perfect solution for maintaining good health and virtually eliminating pain.”    

C.C.  Charlestown, MA

“When I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, I became frustrated and angry. The physical therapy relieved the pain somewhat from week to week. On top of that, my doctor kept telling me other problems I was having were unrelated to each other. Angry that I was being treated piecemeal, I turned to Amy.  She understood how I felt. Amy has treated my body and mind as a whole, not as unrelated parts. Amy's gentle touch and calming demeanor are very comforting when approaching acupuncture for the first time. Each session takes you a step closer to your goal. Amy tailors each session to focus on the area in need, she does not use a cookie cutter approach. Amy has relieved the pain of my osteoarthritis and taken care of the other issues.  I am now more focused and pain free. My friends and family are amazed at the difference acupuncture has made in my life. I have and will continue to recommend Amy to my friends and associates.”  

A.B.  Beverly, MA

“I can't say enough about the truly positive experience and wonderful care I have received from Amy Jao at Atlantic Wellness Center.  I first contacted Amy in the summer of 2004 for pain associated with endometriosis and difficulty conceiving our 2nd child.  Amy made an extensive evaluation of my overall health and we discussed as a team, my goals for treatment.   Within just several treatments I noticed a clear increase in my energy levels and sense of balance, as well as a welcome decrease in pain and anxiety.    During each session, Amy thoroughly explained the acupuncture points she was treating and answered any and all of my questions.    Within 6 weeks  I became pregnant with my 2nd child.   I have continued to receive treatments throughout my pregnancy which I feel contributed significantly to a shorter duration of 'morning sickness' and far fewer aches and pains than I had during my first pregnancy.   Amy is a true professional -- her knowledge of Chinese medicine and its benefits is impressive.   But most importantly, Amy is a very warm and caring individual whom I trust implicitly with assisting in improving the overall health of my mind and body.”     

J.D.  Middleton, MA

“Amy's knowledge and compassion combine to ensure an accurate and personal treatment. Any hesitancy about acupuncture needles I may have had is now replaced with a happy anticipation of my appointment time with Amy. Her willingness to share and explain the traditions and workings of acupuncture have lead me to new ways of thinking about my body and health. Her careful listening, healing touch and deep understanding of acupuncture have facilitated real improvements to my wellbeing.”     

V.D.  Carlisle, MA

"I came to acupuncture feeling stressed and tired, with zero energy.  AFter my first treatment with Amy, I noticed a dramatic improvement in my well-being.  I felt mor relaxed, calm and rested.  After six weekly treatments, I felt like a new person.  Since then, my energy has remained hig.  Amy is nurturing, a great listener, and has a gentle touch and manner.  She intuited my distinct needs and was able to develop a perfect, individualized treatment program.  I look forward to continuing my wellness journey with Amy, and can recommend her without qualification."

M.S.  Essex, MA

“Acupuncture has changed my life.  After a stroke in 2009 I had to deal with a body that was foreign to me.  My visits with Amy have made me feel like I’ve been blessed by an angel.”    

B.L.  Gloucester, MA