There are multiple adjunct treatment techniques that can be used in conjunction with acupuncture

Moxabustion, also know more simply as moxa, is the practice of burning the herb Artemisia Vulgaris (commonly known as mugwort), in conjunction with an acupuncture treatment. It can be burned directly on the needles, or indirectly above an acupuncture point. It has a calming effect on the patient, enhances the effect of the needles during treatment and promoted blood flow to specific meridians and areas of the body.

Infrared Heat Therapy is is employed in two forms during acupuncture treatments.  Every treatment table is equipped with a Jade Vitality Far Infrared Heating Pad.  This pad is unlike a typical heated mattress pad, providing heat from jade and tourmaline stone discs that run the length of the table.  It provides a deep, safe penetrating far infrared heat from the jade stones that relieves pain, increases circulation, restores function, and promotes deep relaxation.  In addition, when the tourmaline stones are heated, negatively charged ions purify the air around you and promote wellness and stress relief.  An added benefit of these high quality pads is that they do NOT produce any potentially harmful EMF (electromagnetic field) radiation.  The other form of infrared heat therapy used during treatment are infrared heat lamps.  Each treatment room is equipped with two IR heat lamps that can be placed over the body to warm needles and promote blood and qi flow, similar to the effect of moxabustion.