Here's what some patients have to say about their experience...

“My first visit to Amy was to due to pain issues related to an illness.   Not only did acupuncture help with my pain, but many of my other illness-related symptoms improved including fatigue.  The new found energy allowed me to engage in my life again!  What I like most about Amy is her nonjudgemental approach.  Although she offers ancient holistic medical traditions, she respects the  Western medicines and treatments that I choose to use in correlation with the acupuncture.  Amy's high level of professionalism, expertise and caring demeanor are why I recommend her.

D.S.   Gloucester, MA

“I began acupuncture treatment as a way to relieve chronic back pain after an accident, but I soon realized that the healing was useful on many levels, both for mind and body. Amy's holistic approach has provided me with physical healing and overall balance that have been helpful on an ongoing basis, long after my back pain was eliminated.”    

K.T.  Ipswich, MA