The following service menu is for patients paying for their acupuncture care out-of-pocket without insurance coverage.


60 minutes  $ 100

This thorough health assessment is key in determining the root cause of “dis-ease” in the body, and how the imbalance manifests symptomatically for an individual.  This session includes a full health history & intake, a Chinese dietary analysis and lifestyle evaluation.  Due to COVID safety protocols, this consult will be via video conference or telephone.


60 minutes   $ 100

This session includes a brief “check-in” to monitor an individual’s response and progress since the previous treatment and a fifty-minute acupuncture treatment stimulating points on either the anterior OR the posterior aspect of the body.  Infrared and/or moxa heat therapy and topical herbal liniments and salves may also be included.


90 minutes     $150

This longer follow-up session allows for time to treat both the anterior AND posterior aspects of the body with acupuncture and adjunctive techniques, such as moxabustion, infrared heat, cupping, gua sha, tuina, and topical liniments/salves.  With certain patients and patterns of imbalance, it is optimal to do this more extensive treatment.  If it is appropriate to your situation the practitioner will suggest this treatment option to you.


Four 60 minute treatments    $ 360

Four 90 minute treatments    $ 540

From the viewpoint of Chinese Medicine the keys to achieving and maintaining health is living a moderate and balanced lifestyle, both physically and emotionally, living in harmony with nature, and addressing health concerns earlier rather than later.  Acupuncture can be a valuable tool in trying to maintain this “teetering” balance in life.  These plans are designed to promote preventative care throughout the year.  Come in for a “tune-up” once a week, or once a season…whatever suits your needs.  The plans includes four Follow-Up Acupuncture treatments.